Fostering Dogs in Chicago saves lives!


What is fostering?

Foster families help save lives every time they open their homes and hearts to an animal in need. Fostering is volunteering to take an animal into your home until a suitable forever home can be found.   It is a great way to help us learn about a dog’s personality and traits in a home environment.  It is intended to provide them with one on one attention in order to best prepare them for adoption.



Why Foster?

Fostering is a rewarding experience and a great opportunity to volunteer to help an animal in need without a long term adoption commitment.  Fostering is a great way to volunteer from your own home.  Fostering also allows a pet in need a chance to adjust to a home environment, be socialized with other pets and humans in a home environment and prepares them for their forever home.  It helps us learn more about the dog allowing us to find the best possible home for them.  When you foster, not only are you helping to save the dog your fostering, you are opening a spot that allows an additional dog to be saved.


What commitment is involved?

Fostering is a commitment to care for the dog until a forever home can be found.  There is no typical length of time for fostering.  A foster situation could last anywhere from a few weeks to longer monthly situations depending on the dog and individual circumstances.

Some of the basic fostering requirements are providing love and affection, keeping the dog as an indoor pet, feeding appropriate amounts of food and fresh water, providing exercise such as dog parks, walks, playing in the yard and if needed give medications.

What is provided?

Have A Heart Dog Rescue provides necessary support, supplies, food, crates if needed and vetting if needed.  Vet appointments must be approved by Have A Heart and an approved vet must be used.

Join us in this life saving effort today.

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